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Ready to strut in style at the Galaxy Whisky Gala?

Check this out! We've teamed up with our kilt maker to bring you special event-only pricing. And that's not all — with each kilt or dress you buy from our site, a donation goes to charity.

Looking to complete your look with a jacket, vest, dress, or skirt? We've got you covered! Add them to your cart for an unbeatable package deal. Let's make a statement for a good cause. Shop now and dress to impress!


Discover the Fusion of Comfort and Tradition!

Introducing our latest collection of American-style kilts, crafted for supreme comfort without compromising on classic style. Engineered with a lighter fabric, these kilts are perfect for the American climate while still paying homage to Scottish tradition.

Our unique design features discreet utility pockets designed by Steve Harris then personally tailored to ensure you can carry your essentials with ease. So sleek, they're wedding-appropriate — imagine donning one at a Scottish ceremony!


Each kilt comes equipped with spacious side pockets, ready to secure your large cell phone or wallet. Plus, we've thought of everything — designated slots for your business cards, hotel key cards, and even a specially designed pocket for your key fob.

Join me in making a statement at the Gala where I'll be proudly wearing one of our signature kilts. Experience the perfect blend of heritage and practicality at the Galaxy Whisky Gala. Your kilt awaits!


~ Steve 'The Highlander' Harris

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