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We're a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing Teddy bears, smiles, and joy to children in hospitals and in need during the holiday season and beyond.


origin story

Once upon a time, on a chilly Christmas Eve, the seeds of what would become 'Bears for Bairns' were sown. The story began with an unexpected visit to the hospital. As I wandered through the sterile corridors, my feet led me to the children's ward. The sight I encountered was heart-wrenching - innocent faces, eyes shadowed with sadness and longing.

In the land of the Scots, we have a tender name for these little ones - we call them 'bairns'. That night, these wee ones looked as though they had lost their spark, their youthful exuberance snuffed out by their circumstances.

Seeing those faces, an idea took root in my heart. What if Santa paid a visit to these brave children on Christmas Eve? Fortunately, I had a stash of teddy bears - a tale for another time - that I thought could make perfect gifts.

Armed with a sack full of fluffy teddy bears, I donned a red suit and embarked on a mission. As I entered the ward, bellowing a jovial "Ho, Ho, Ho," the transformation was nothing short of magical.

One by one, the room began to light up. The once saddened faces blossomed into radiant smiles, eyes twinkling with delight. As they clutched their new teddy bear friends tightly, joy seeped back into the room, filling it with a warmth that was infectious.

That moment, that powerful, heartfelt change in the weans was life-altering. It was then that I knew this couldn't be just a one-time thing. This was the beginning of 'Bears for Bairns' - a cause dedicated to replacing sorrow with joy, and fill hospital rooms with hope, one teddy bear at a time.

Steve 'Highlander' Harris
Founder, Bears for Bairns

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